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Your Quality of Life

Quality of life is the general well-being of oneself, outlining negative and positive features of life. It observes your satisfaction from life, physical health, family, education, employment, wealth, safety, security to freedom, religious beliefs, and the environment.

Being rich or poor is not important, what matters are the quality of life you have lived. How satisfied you are in your life. There are people extremely rich busy earning but might not be enjoying the money earned. On the other hand there are many who may not have enough money but they enjoy every moment and stay happy every moment.

The difference is the millions of life lived every moment as against passing moments in a lifetime. The former is contented in life and has attained the purpose of life whereas the latter is living aimlessly. That point in time of your life when you feel happy about your existence as a human decides the quality in your life!!

  • Think daily. Meditate; it helps you to retrospect and guides Way forward.
  • Get in the zone. Build your path to go to the place you want to.
  • Make it a point to do something bold every day. Live every moment with courage and pride.
  • Learn something new. Be a student to grow everyday.
  • Debate something. Let your curiosity question the things/happenings around.
  • Spend time with a child. It is a great way of de-stressing yourself
  • Go outside. Breathe the fresh air and feel the freshness.
  • Recognize what makes you happy. Do it and make yourself your priority.
  • Work Hard & believe in yourself/ self-reliant.
  • Do not Take Anything Too Seriously. Everything changes and continuously evolves.
  • Do not Put Much Value on Material Things. They will not be with you always.
  • Listen to People. Listening is the new trend of communication.
  • Form Your Own Opinions. Back it with your own experience.
  • Do not Be So Sure of Yourself. Everyone makes mistakes; it is good to learn from them. Admit your is human to make mistakes
  • Realize You Have an Ability to Make Changes. There is uniqueness in every individual.
  • Be Kind. It always helps and pays back.
  • Face your fears. Overcome them by facing it head on.
  • Refine your goals. Make progress everyday.
  • See opportunity. See the good in every situation.
  • Help others. Be humble
  • Have a purpose in life. Be goal oriented.
  • Choose your attitude. Attitude makes it all.
  • Surround yourself with positive people and enrich your soul.

It is extremely important to meet the right kind of people in life to enhance the quality of your life. Work on it, build on it, thrive on it and see the change. Live your soul. #GoNatural


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