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Unfortunately, It takes a disaster to unite us!

The entire world is one community and now we know it!! Each one of us is home irrespective of our nationality, gender, caste, creed, status, etc. No matter how successful you are in life but if you are not successful in up keeping the community, you will only limit yourself to your own boundaries. And we see that very well when we are home stuck for now. Somewhere we have failed our duty towards humanity, towards the supernatural power that beholds us. It is a warning sent to remind us we need to correct ourselves.

In the quest to do well and advance more, we have unruly exhausted the available resources without healing the mother earth.  There is only one way development happening at the cost of compromising the most beautiful scenic life that was available without any efforts. And we just don’t seem to stop to reflect on it!

Abundance of anything is not good. Mankind seem have got buried deep in the race of our never ending hunger!

There are millions of signals sent by this supernatural power to teach us that we need to stop and modify our ways for future generations. None seem to be working so here comes a good hard way of lesson to be taught and we suddenly realize how powerless we are in front of mother earth.  

In true terms, humanity exists only with love and compassion. And the world needs Love and Compassion to heal itself. The world is healing itself now. We also need to heal ourselves. Simplest of all is to be KIND!

Be kind to all, start with yourself and see how things change around you. You have truly lived that moment when you feel the pain of others and do everything to make them happy!

Light at the end of the tunnel is still there,hope is alive, lets change the world around us! Lets learn from the present situation like:

Learn to appreciate nature, let the Planet Breathe and so do you!

Understand the importance of talking to our near and dear ones every day. Make them realize they are loved everyday.

Sharing is Caring! You only become rich by giving away! There is nothing to loose.                                                                  

Look for the Positive! We have got exclusive time to mull over and start afresh. Make the best use of it.

HEALTH IS WEALTH. Eat well, sleep well and work well and work out well!

You only grow when the world around you grows! Lets Contribute! Let us love,live and to let love and to let live!!

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You have penned down the need of the hour well. We should all course correct and work towards a productive, diverse natural world.

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