Know Me!

Born and bought up in a lively and extended family,always surrounded with loved ones, i grew up learning from all of them. It implies that i did learn all- good and not so good, right and not so right. When i say ‘not so good/right’ only means all types of things contributed in my development. Obviously learning is a crucial part of growing up, when what must be done is taught, however at the same time- what must not be done had a far more stronger impact. It helped me grow faster and stronger!! My Will Power became Rock Strong and i started to get determined in life.

Converted at school level in the small green town in the eastern part of the country, i moved to the west- Pune- a land of opportunities for further studies. It was a big phase of my life where i landed as a teenager and matured as an adult. Graduated from Pune University and then moved out for further studies. Enrolled for Executive General Management Program In Indian Institute of Management-Bangaluru, again shaped my life for the next level. By now i had seen many ups and downs of my life, being fully prepared for a challenging life ahead.

A mother of 2 angels and the man i love the most, have only strengthened my determination to achieve my passion. To love and protect my family will always be my priority, however i really want to contribute to change the world to a better place. Optimisation of my knowledge and thoughts to impart the rational viewpoint to the world. An ideal world where everyone stays focused, motivated to work hard for success, respects each other, develop into an advanced economy and above all stays Human is my intention. Worked in organised and unorganised sector for about 9 years, i am now exploring my passion to write and vocal my thoughts to all. I believe writing helps me bring out the best in me. I can simply go on and on with it. Blogging on self development and motivation keeps me pepped up all the time.

There is alot to know about me and is hinted in my blogs. Over the time it will reflect my complete picture. To my readers, i really want to thank you for taking time off to read my blogs. I hope i can cheer you up and keep you motivated. Come what may, one must dress up and show up- good things will follow. Continue to support me with your time and patience, a feedback or suggestion at any time will be highly appreciated. Thank you!